A legitimate participation to PION 2023, abides the following rules:

  • A team consists of at most four students.
  • Both Bachelor and Master students are allowed.
  • A team with one or more Master students is a Master team.

General Rules

  • It is not allowed to communicate (about the problems) by any means with anyone other than team members.

  • It is allowed to use a scientific, graphical calculator (Ti-83, Ti-84 or a similar model).

  • Mobile phones are not tolerated.

  • You are allowed to eat, drink and use the bathroom.

Handing in your work

  • All answers must be submitted in english.

  • After the 3 hours for the test, the participants are given 30 extra minutes to hand in the exercises. Prior to the start of the contest, the exact deadline time will be communicated.

  • If your team encounters problems with handing in your work, please let the committee know as soon as possible! If nothing is heard before the deadline and you hand in nothing, you will be disqualified.

  • Make sure your team name is written on every page (front and back)! At most one question should be written on each sheet. The question number must be written on the sheet as well.

The winner

  • There will be a top 3 of teams that will be awarded prizes!

  • At least one team in the top 3 is a bachelor team. Example: if the 3 teams with the highest points are master teams, the third place will go to the bachelor team with the most points.

  • Two teams will be awarded a place in PLANCKS which will be held on 23th to 27th May 2024. At least one of those teams is the bachelor team with the most points. The other team is either the PION first place (if it is a master team) or the PION second place (if a bachelor team is first place).